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For Sale: Surplus Electronic Components
Miscellaneous overstock, surplus and obsolete capacitors, diodes, transistors, IC chips, coils, torroids and more for sale.
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For Sale: Surplus Aluminum Heatsink Extrusion
Aavid Thermalloy part number 600502F00000.
ICS part number 603-1348. Total 45 feet. Excellent for cooling power transistors or thyristors such as SCRs or Triacs.
600502F00000 Heatsink Extrusion
Six pieces total. 5 pieces are 8 feet long, 1 piece is 5 feet long. Sold by the foot. You can buy all or a partial.
Aluminum Heatsink Extrusion
These aluminum heatsink extrusions were bought new/unused in 2016. There are 6 pieces total. 5 pieces are 8 feet long, 1 piece is 5 feet long.

600502F00000 Heatsink Extrusion Dimensions Specification
600502F00000 Heatsink Dimensions.

Avid Thermalloy 600502F00000 Heatsink Extrusion For Sale
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ICS contact info
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