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To get your Digital Series Icsotimer part number, select the timing action, range and input voltage below and hit the "Enter" button.

 Timing Action:
  ON Delay
  OFF Delay
  Interval Delay
  Recycle Timer
      (Repeat Cycle)

 Timing Range:
  *Special Time
  0.1 - 10 Seconds
  10 - 600 Seconds
  10 - 600 Minutes
  1 - 60 Seconds
  1 - 60 Minutes

 Input Voltage:
  24 VAC
  12 VAC
  240 VAC
  24 VDC
  48 VDC
  110 VDC

KD5 Series Recycle Timers have a single external adjustment with equal OFF an ON Times.

KD6 Series Recycle Timers have dual, independently adjustable OFF and ON Times.

Special Time Delays are customized for your application, Fixed or Adjustable Time Delays.

Please call 630-543-6200 or use the Support Form to submit your Icsotimer product line inquiry.

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