ICS KD Series ON & OFF Delay

Digital ON Delay & OFF Delay

The heart of a KD Series digital countdown off delay or on delay timer is a digital integrated circuit. The timer function is to provide either an off delay or on delay to a load such as a relay. Timing can be set as either fixed or variable by an external resistor or potentiometer.
Modules can be mounted to a circuit board as single or multiple units. With 1.75" leads, they can easily be wired to fit many applications requiring a miniature delay module. Available in standard and nonstandard voltages, the digital countdown timer series is versatile in time delay relay applications.
KD Series Icsotimers are available in two separate styles. The original KD series uses through-hole technology whereas the newer version is surface mount technology (SMT). Physically, the SMT series is slightly smaller in thickness due to the smaller components.
The SMT models have the advantage of being lower in price and smaller in size than the through-hole models. SMT part numbers have an "S" suffix. When ordering the SMT version, be sure to include the "S" suffix in the part number.
digital delay timers

• Timing from 0.1 seconds to 10 hours
• Digital Countdown Delay Circuit
• AC Models 24, 120 and 240 VAC
• On or Off Delay Fixed or Adjustable
• Miniature PC Board
• Printed Circuit Mounting
• Thick Conformal Coating
• Through-Hole and SMT Models

Table 1. Part Number Selection
Timer Action:
(1) - ON Delay
(2) - OFF Delay
Timer Range:
Ranges from .1 second
to 10 hour OFF or ON
Standard Timing
(1) 0.1 to 10 second
(4) 1 to 60 second
(2) 10 to 600 second
(5) 1 to 60 minute

Nonstandard Timing
(3) 10 to 600 minute
(0) - *Special

*Customer defined
Input Voltage:
(AC or DC)
Standard Voltage
(2) 24 VAC
(1) 120 VAC
(8) 12 VDC
(4) 24 VDC
Nonstandard Voltage
(7) 12 VAC
(5) 240 VAC
(6) 48 VDC
(3) 110 VDC
Order Code Example:
KD = KD Series Microtimer
(2) = Timer Action = OFF Delay
(5) = Timer Range = 1 to 60 Minute
(1) = Input Voltage = 120 VAC

Add "S" suffix for SMT version.
Example: KD211S
delay timer wiring diagram
*Options: Fixed and Special Time ranges from .05 seconds to hours.
digital delay schematic

Wiring. KD1 ON DELAY with ADJUSTABLE timing.

fixed digital delay wiring

Wiring. KD1 ON DELAY with FIXED timing.

adjustable digital delay wiring

Wiring. KD2 OFF DELAY with ADJUSTABLE timing.

fixed digital delay timer wiring

Wiring. KD2 OFF DELAY with FIXED timing.

Note. All wiring is shown from flat side with catalog numbers. Confirm wiring is correct before applying power. Heatsink leads when soldering close to module.

Table 2. Specifications
Input Current:
Idle (Action 2) = 5 ma.

Control Switch: (Action 2 Only) = 5 ma.
Output Voltage:
(Input voltage less on-state voltage drop)
On-state voltage drop
Action 1 (AC) = 2.5 VRMS
Action 1 (DC) = 3.0 VDC
Action 2 (AC) = 2.0 VRMS
Action 2 (DC) = 1.5 VDC
Output Current:
Action 1, 2 = 500 ma.

Action 1 (AC or DC) = 20 ma.
Action 2 (AC Only) = 20 ma.

Action 1 (AC or DC) = 2 ma.
Action 2 (AC Only) = 2 ma.
Operating Parameters:
Repeat Accuracy
Fixed Conditions = ± .5%, ± 1 cycle for AC units.
Overall variation = ± 3%

Input Voltage Range
± 10% @ 50 or 60 Hz for AC units
± 10% @ 20% max. pp. ripple for DC units

Temperature Range
-10 °C to +70 °C operating
-20 °C to +85 °C storage

Reset time
Action 1, 2 = 50 ms.

Initiate time (Control Switch):
Action 2 = 50 ms.

Start-up (Action 5 & 6 Only):
Timer starts with Off cycle first
Typical Size (less leads):
Through-Hole Action 1 = 1.25"L x 1.1"W x .5" Thick

Through-Hole Action 2 = 1.38"L x 1.1"W x .5" Thick

SMT Action 1 = 1.25"L x 1.05"W x .4" Thick

SMT Action 2 DC = 1.4"L x 1.05"W x .3" Thick

SMT Action 2 AC = 1.4"L x 1.05"W x .4" Thick
22 AWG solid tinned copper leads 1.75" Long
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