Bulletin 690 OP45/46 Series Relays

Recycle Timer Relay

The ICS OP45 recycle timer relay alternately produces closed and open conditions of the relay contacts with the duration of each condition equal in time, for example: 10 seconds open and 10 seconds closed. The delay period between alternations is adjustable by means of a single potentiometer.
The dual-adjust OP46 recycle timer relay also provides alternating closed and open conditions of the relay contacts. Time duration of each condition is independently adjustable, for example: 2 minutes closed and one minute open. When power is applied to the relay, the recycle timer action begins and continues until power is removed. OFF Time cycles first at power-up.
recycle timer relay image

• Digital Countdown Timing Module
• Heavy Duty Long Life Relay
• Enclosed Octal Plug-In Base
• LED Operation Indicator
• Ranges from .1 second to 10 hour
• Variable Adjustment Potentiometer with Knob

Table 1. Part Number Selection
(5) Recycle Timer:
      OFF & ON Times are equal, single adjustment

(6) Recycle Timer:
      OFF & ON Times are independently adjustable
Timer Ranges:
(A) .1 to 10 second
(D) 1 to 60 second
(B) .6 to 10 minute
(E) 1 to 60 minute
(C) .6 to 10 hour
(0) *Special Time

*Customer defined
Input Voltages:
(2) 24 VAC
(1) 120 VAC
(8) 12 VDC
(4) 24 VDC
(7) 12 VAC
(5) 240 VAC
(6) 48 VDC
(3) 110 VDC
Order Code Example: OP4 6 A D 5
6 = recycle timer relay
      (dual adjustment)
A = .1 to 10 sec. OFF
D = 1 to 60 sec. ON
5 = input voltage = 240 Volt AC
code diagram of recycle timer relay
Order Code Example: OP4 5 E N 1
5 = recycle timer relay
      (single adjustment)
E = timer range = 1 to 60 minute
1 = input voltage = 120 Volt AC
code diagram of recycle timer relay
Notes. OFF Time is first in OP46 timing range order code. OFF Time cycles first when voltage is applied on both OP45 and OP46 relays.
Options: Fixed and Special time ranges from .05 sec. to 10 hour

OP45 recycle relay schematic

OP46 recycle timer relay wiring diagram

Wiring Diagrams: Bottom view of plug-in base shown.

Table 2. Specifications
Input Current:
Operating = ON 2 VA, OFF 8 ma.
Output Relay:
DPDT Contacts Rating
10 Amps resistive or 1/3 HP @ 120 VAC
Operating Parameters:
Repeat Accuracy
Fixed Conditions = ± .5%, ± 1 cycle for AC units.
Overall variation = ± 3%

Input voltage range
± 10% for AC units
± 10% @ 20% max. pp. ripple for DC units

Temperature range
-10º to 70º C operating
-20º to 85º C storage

Reset time
All Actions = 50 ms.
Action 5 and 6 start up in OFF state
Size (above sockets):
Action 5= 2.0" sq. x 4.0" High
Action 6 = 1.8" W x 2.4"L x 3.6" High
8 pin octal plug-in base
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