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ICS had been in the electronics manufacturing industry for 40+ years before being acquired by QCircuits in 2013. QCircuits has been an Illinois electronics manufacturer since the 1950s. We, as many in the industry, graduated to assembling printed circuit boards for customers, first using through-hole technology and more recently, SMT (surface-mount technology).
Over the years, our company has grown beyond just assembling circuit boards to providing turn-key and "box-build" services in which a complete product is produced, tested and packaged for the end user. Even the industry's name changed to "EMS"-electronic manufacturing services, from the old "CM"-contract manufacturing.
Here at ICS/QCircuits, we offer a range of services from labor-only circuit board assembly to full turn-key production of box-level products. We also offer a broad line of proprietary timing circuits and relays which can be bought as standard products or customized to a specific set of requirements. We often also help up-front in the engineering process and can offer prototypes of customer-specific products prior to production approval.
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