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On Delay Timer

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The KH1 Analog Series on delay timer provides an on delay period between the application of input voltage and energizing a load. The timer is connected to a voltage source and a load. The on delay period begins when voltage is applied. The load remains deenergized until the end of the delay at which time it energizes. It remains energized as long as input voltage is present. When input voltage is removed, the load deenergizes and the timer is reset.

Typical application of the KH1 on delay timer is to configure a time delay relay by connecting the timer to a voltage source and a relay coil.

Fixed and Adjustable KH Series On Delay Timers

Timer Ranges from 0.1 to 300 Seconds
Analog Circuit

Externally Adjustable or Fixed On Delay
Miniature PC Board

Thick Conformal Coating
Printed Circuit Mounting

Timer Action

(1) On Delay

Adjustable or Fixed

Delay Ranges:

*Special times from 0.05 second
to 300 seconds (5 minute)

Standard Timing:
(1) .1 to 1 second
(2) .5 to 5 second
(7) 3 to 30 second
(4) 30 to 300 second

Nonstandard Timing:
(5) 1 to 10 second
(3) 5 to 50 second
(8) 6 to 60 second
(6) 12 to 120 second
(0) *Special Time

Input Volts AC or DC

Standard Voltage:
(2) 24 VAC
(1) 120 VAC
(8) 12 VDC
(4) 24 VDC

Nonstandard Voltage:
(7) 12 VAC
(5) 240 VAC
(6) 48 VDC
(3) 110 VDC

Selecting a KH125 delay timer
KH = Series
1 = Action = On Delay Timer
2 = Delay Range = 0.5 to 5 seconds
5 = Input Volts = 240 VAC

KH On Delay Code Diagram

Note. For 120VAC and 24VDC units,
add suffix "A" to part number.
Example KH121A and KH124A.