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Instrumentation & Control Systems (ICS) has achieved new levels of product quality and service. Located in suburban Chicago for more than 40 years, ICS has earned an enviable reputation for quality and reliability by consistently meeting or exceeding the requirements of our customers.

The engineering staff develops new products as well as existing products. Our expertise is designing and manufacturing custom electronic controls. Over the years, ICS has designed products for our customers across a wide variety of industries.

ICS is known for our unique line of timer modules designed for printed circuit mounting. These timers are thick film hybrid analog circuits or digital countdown circuits. The timers have proven themselves for reliability year after year. They are unique within the timer families. Numerous time ranges and voltages are available. These unique timers provide the timing functions for many different controls.

Time delay relays are part of the timer line. We offer plug-in style time delay relays with optional enclosed or open printed circuit boards. Time ranges can be as short as a fraction of a second or as long as several hours.

Our working knowledge of Underwriter Laboratories (UL) and Canadian Standards Association (CSA) means ICS designs will pass when your equipment is submitted for approval.

Our quality standards are high. Each and every product is performance-tested before shipment. Since we design and build quality into our products, we enjoy a very low return rate.

Specializing in:
Electronic Timers & Time Delay Relays,
Electronics Design and Manufacturing,
Electronic Product Development

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KB series compressor delay timer
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KD Series OFF Delay

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K7830 True OFF Delay Relay

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