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ICS will custom build your solid state controls from the initial layout through the prototype, debugging, and production stages. We will also manufacture and deliver the finished product to your facility.
We specialize in developing custom-designed controls which can be developed specifically for your application. We will carry your electronics project through from concept to production. Our solid state products are manufactured in Elk Grove Village, Illinois and Flora, Illinois USA.
ICS solid state sensor and relay controls include voltage sensor relays, flashers and time delay relays. Also included in our relay line are true off delay relays. Relay header connector styles include OP4 series octal plug-in relays and the K3 series blade base plug-in relays.
For more information, please use our support form to submit an inquiry and we will get back to you right away. If you prefer to talk to a live person, call 847-797-6678.
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