Bulletin KB Series Relay Specification

Time Delay Cube Relay with Adjustable Timing

The ICS KB Series Time Delay Cube Relay is an economical, reliable and durable relay that is suitable for a wide variety of applications. Relay contacts provide up to 15 Amp current-handling capacity at 240VAC. The time delay is adjusted with a trimmer potentiometer. Two mounting holes on the case flanges are provided. Barrier terminal blocks with clamp screw terminals make the wiring connections easy and fast.
Microcontroller-based circuitry allows precise timing with outstanding repeatability. Common timing actions include delay on break (off delay), delay on make (on delay), repeat cycle (recycle) and interval delay. Numerous input voltage options and time ranges are available. Custom models can be defined to fit a particular application.
Black Box Cube Timer Relay
  • AC Models 24, 120 and 240VAC
  • DC Models 12, 24 and 120VDC
  • Form A Contacts, 15A Resistive
  • Wide Selection of Time Ranges
  • Custom Timing Actions Offered
  • Clamp screw terminals
  • Terminals accept 22ga to 12ga wire

Range of Timing Values: 0.1 seconds to hours.

Timing Adjustment: Trimmer adjustment, also available as a fixed timer.

Timing Accuracy: ±1% ±50msec at 25° C, ±5% ±50msec from -20° C to +55° C.

Repeatability: ±0.5% at constant ambient temperature.

Input Voltage Range: 85% to 110% of rated voltage, 85% to 125% of rated voltage for 12VDC units.

Temperature Range: -20°C to +55°C operating, -40°C to +85°C storage.

Contact Rating: SPST Contacts 15A @ 240VAC (resistive), 15A @ 28VDC (resistive).

*Options. Custom voltage and timing available.
Table 1. Selecting KB Series Timer Relay Part Numbers.
Relay Action:
(5) RECYCLE TIMER (Symmetrical)
Time Range:
(1) .1 to 1 Second
(2) 1 to 10 Second
(7) 10 to 100 Second
(4) 30 to 300 Second
(0) Customer defined
Input Voltage:
Voltage AC
(1) 120 VAC
(2) 24 VAC
(5) 240 VAC
Voltage DC
(4) 24 VAC
(8) 12 VDC
(3) 120 VDC
Order Code Example:

KB 2 4 1 OFF Delay
(KB) = Series
(2) = Action = OFF Delay
(4) = Timing = 1 to 10 Sec.
(1) = Voltage = 120 Volts AC
Order Code Example:

KB 3 2 4 INTERVAL Delay
(KB) = Series
(3) = Action = OFF Delay
(2) = Timing = 10 to 100 Sec.
(4) = Voltage = 24 Volts DC
Visit this page for Timing Action Definitions and Waveforms.
Fixed and special time delay ranges from .05 second to 10 hour.
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KB OFF Delay Relay Wiring Diagram

Note. External control switch for OFF DELAY is customer-supplied.

KB Series ON Delay Relay Wiring Diagram

ON DELAY Wiring.
Note. External control switch for OFF DELAY is customer-supplied.

relay dimension drawing

Dimensions (in inches).

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